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Hosting Solutions

Hosting Solutions

Dedicated Server Hosting

Hectranet provides you world class hardware which guarantees high performance and business growth. It is ideal for Enterprises that are looking for dedicated Web servers, Mail servers, Application or Database servers, Corporate Intranets / Extranets, Live Streaming or Broadcast machines to handle their ever growing online traffic. Read more

Managed DNS Hosting

A robust DNS environment is the key to maintain a strong online presence as online services like websites and emails depend on DNS to function. Hectranet provides you a fully redundant, fault-tolerant and reliable DNS service which will support your business on the net at all times.Read more

Managed Website and Email Hosting

We provide completely managed Website and Email hosting solutions so that you can focus on you core business. In today’s world online presence is must for any Enterprise that expects to grow. Our hosting packages are suited for both personal as well as professional usage.Read more

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